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15 Lazy Dog Breeds That Are Literally Couch Potatoes

It couldn't be nicer than having puppies snuggling up with you when you are back home. And you even don't need to take them outside to play games. Here are 15 lazy dog breeds whose passion is simply to warm your couch. Curl up to see what puppies could make you best company.

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1. English Bulldog

English Bulldogs don't get enough credit for their laziness. They are more of stubborn snorers rather than barkers. Just enjoy your time staying at home, otherwise you'll regret it the moment you take him outside. 

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2. Saint Bernard

You can find Saint Bernard's lazy nature at first sight. As a giant breed, he is reluctant to do any exercises. So if you prefer him running back and forth in the backyard to pick up a toy, just forget about it.  

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3. French Bulldog

Compared with his English cousin, French Bulldog is a little bit more active. He would like to play a funny game with you when he's not in the mood for sleeping.

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4. Havanese

Havanese is an adorable dog breed which features a baby face. Though he enjoys walking outside, he doesn't mind sleeping in bed and doing nothing all day. Perhaps beauty sleep matters most in keeping youthful.

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5. Pug

"Snoring" may be a good "feedback" to the "Hypnos" (sleep God), at least, it shows you are sleeping. In such a way, the Pug often tells us that he enjoys his time. He seems to feel no shame to announce his laziness at all. And their "honesty" even makes them a cuter breed than other ones. They become sentimental, if they are left alone. Don't let them always cry when they wake up and find you're not there!


6. Tibetan Spaniel

Sleeping so much doesn't make them stupid! Instead, Tibetan Spaniel is alert and curious, and he costs so much energy to think about the "dog life" that he has to rest well to start another time-consuming meditation. Only a little space can satisfy their needs, for example, it's an ideal place for them to nap on your feet due to their small size.


7. Chihuahua

Body shape is not the key factor in a dog's lazy nature, which will be best explained by the Chihuahua - the smallest breed of dog. They are much more comfortable being inside and sleep for a whole afternoon, so they're no surprise on the list for couch potato races.


8. Japanese Chin

Want to find a dog that is as lazy as a cat, as cute as a cat? The Japanese Chin perfectly meets your needs. When putting them in a comfortable bed, they will fall asleep without much complaint or most of the time; they just sleep next to their owners for the remainder of the day and night.


9. Bullmastiff

This "muscular man" won't let you down! He has mastered the art napping. Even though they look like a working dog with "suitable size" and strength, they are too lazy to spend time digging out their potential for work.


10. English Mastiff

If Bullmastiff ranks in at No.2 lazy dog, the English Mastiff should be No.1. They're lazier and require minimal exercise. Facing many people's doubt that their body shape doesn't match up with their abilities, they are with a show of calmness. After all, no dog can decide to become a dog before he was born. They tried!


11. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is well known for his mild temperament, pleasant, and outgoing nature. When faced unpleasant things in life, they choose to sleep it off and take the chill route.


12. Basenji

Basenji is another “lazy” breed, but different from the Pomeranian, they don't care about their image at all. Let’s just watch them live out their true selves in their natural habitats.


13. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian has a pretty face and small body shape. They love napping and manage to captivate you with their smiles while they are at it.


14. Beagle

Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts made the Beagle famous around the world, And like Snoopy, this little one loves to sleep.


15. Cockapoo

Cockapoo will only keep active an average of 64.72 minutes a day, just about one hour. If you think they sleep too much, you can wake them and play a game of fetch. But don’t retard their sleeping schedule too much, or you’ll need to take care of their ill tempers.

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