15 Eye-Catching Celebs Destroyed By Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can make a person more beautiful, but sometimes it will only do the opposite. Check out these 15 photos of celebs destroyed by plastic surgery.


1. Megan Fox

Megan appears to have had some cosmetic procedures to her face. Doctors suspect that she has had a nose refinement and some facial fillers.

2. Cher

The Goddess of Pop stole the hearts of Americans with her distinctive voice. Unfortunately, at one point, she had a plastic surgery, and then another one, and then a few more, leading to a complete transformation.

3. Alex Rose

The front-man of Guns&Roses withdrew from public eye after the band went on hiatus, only to reappear later with a completely new look that shocked most of his fans.


4. Mickey Rourke

In his later acting years, Rourke went through a lot of plastic surgeries which completely altered his looks.


5. Donatella Versace

Versace is well known for her obsession over plastic surgery  and has spent tons of her money on countless operations that made her almost unrecognizable.

6. Priscilla Presley

It is pretty obvious that the actress has done some plastic surgeries, along with a facelift to regain her youth.


7. Lara Flynn Boyle

The actress stepped out in 2013 looking like a different person than she did at the start of her career in the '90s. The 46-year-old is seemingly trying to fight the natural aging process with plastic surgery.


8. Pete Burns

Burns is known for his ever-changing appearance, which he admits has been greatly altered due to numerous plastic surgeries.


9. Michaela Romanini

Romanini has apparently had some plastic surgery, and the most noticeable one is from her gigantic lips making her in the list of worst celebrity plastic surgery.


10. Meg Ryan

Owing to some atrocious lip plumpage and Botox, Meg Ryan simply doesn't have that America's-sweetheart look anymore.


11. Tori Spelling

The giant breasts Tori, an apparent fan of Botox, says she wishes she hadn't gotten her breasts done in her early 20s because the implants have hampered her ability to produce milk.


12. Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers gambled with plastic surgery - and lost! With his tight eyelids, he no longer looks like the scruffy, masculine man we knew in the 70's.


13. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey is a good example of how a nose job can dramatically alter one's appearance.


14. Lisa Rinna

She had a silicone lip injection in the late '80s, and she continued to undergo lip reduction surgery in 2010.


15. Michael Jackson

As you probably know, MJ passed away in 2009, but for  many years prior to his death there was a lot of controversy regarding his ever changing looks and failed fail surgeries.