10 Vegetables That Are Actually Bad For Your Diet

Vegetables are supposed to be the perfect choice when you want to start a healthy diet. But be careful when you choose what kind of vegetables to eat, some of them might actually be bad for your diet.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes have very little nutrients yet many calories, especially when they are fried.


2. Iceberg Lettuce

This vegetable is full of water and has almost no nutrition. It doesn't keep you full.


3. Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are actually created from normal carrots that have not passed inspection. So it is not good at all.


4. Soy Beans

Physicians suggest not to eat it too often and it has been connected with different types of cancers.


5. Corn

Corns are tasty but is not good, it contains large amount of sugar.


6. Eggplant

Eggplants are normally good if you know how to cook them. They have become widespread as a gluten free substitute but nut flours still work better.


7. Bell Peppers

Cooking them is in fact bad for you. So try not to cook it to get the most out of them.


8. Onions

If you eat large amount of onion, it can cause you to have high blood pressure.


9. Sunchokes

It is not really bad, but they are difficult to prepare! And the large amount of starch contained in them makes them unhealthy.


10. Radishes

It is a popular salad topping, but if you eat them, try and pickle them or cook them thoroughly! Not to eat them raw more than once a week.