10 Of The Craziest Celebrity Stalkers Who Terrified Hollywood

In today's age, it is not unusual to joke around about stalking a paramour on Facebook, and mostly it is casual for a cyber stalking which is a harmless pursuit. However, some people who are mentally damaged can become obsessed with others, often feeling a connection between themselves and the object of their affection which doesn't even exits. As a result, they could do something out of the line. There are many kinds of stalkers, and here we will cover some of the craziest and creepiest celebrities stalkers ever reported.

1. Bassey Essien

Bassey Essien has sent threatening letters to Beyonce because he believed that the real Beyonce had been killed and bizarrely believed that she was an imposter.


2. Dawnette Knight

Dawnette Knight was obsessed with Zeta-Jones' husband, Michael Douglas and claimed that she and Douglas were having an affair. Knight sent threatening letters to Zeta-Jones and described how she would "cut Zeta-Jones into pieces and feed her to the dogs".


3. Dante Michael Soiu

Dante Michael Soiu is a 51-year-old pizza deliveryman in Ohio. He was obsessed with actress Gwyneth Paltrow and sent 5 letters to her, along with packages of pornography, candy, flowers.


4. Grim LeRogue

Grim LeRogue carried five pictures when he ran onto the field at Yankee Stadium - including one of Rodriguez with an X scrawled across his face and a gun pointed at his head. The words on the picture go “You have to go bud, you’ve ruined too many of our white queens”.


5. Jack Jordan

Jack Jordan has a crush on Uma Thurman since he was in high school. He sent her a bizarre card saying "my hands should be on your body at all times". He also sent her drawings, one of which depicting a man standing on a woman's grave, razor blade in hand.


6. John Hinckley, Jr.

Hinckley was obsessed with Jodie Foster after seeing her movie Taxi Driver. He moved near her when Foster went to Yale University. He sent her poems and messages under her door. To get her attention, he decided to murder President Ronald Reagan in 1981.


7. Margaret Mary Ray

Suffered from schizophrenia, Margaret Mary Ray had stalked David Letterman, the famous talk show host, for nearly a decade. She believed that Letterman was her husband. She stole his car for a joy ride, sent him odd gifts, broke into his home several times. She was imprisoned for harassing Letterman and later retired astronaut Story Musgrave. She killed herself in 1998.


8. Reverend David Ajemian

The Reverend David Ajemian, a Boston priest, is reported stalking the popular US television host Conan O'Brien for 25 years. He once sent threatening letters signed by "your priest stalker". He was arrested while trying to enter a taping session of Conan O'Brien's show "Late Night with Conan O'Brien".


9. Robert Dewey Hoskins

Robert Dewey Hoskins, a psychotic homeless man, threatened Madonna the singer countless times, claiming that he was going to slice her throat from ear to ear. He served 10 years in prison and later was committed to a mental institute.


10. Robert John Bardo

Robert John Bardo had a long history of stalking young celebrities. He was obsessed with Rebecca Schaeffer, the star in My Sister Sam. He used a private agency to find Schaeffer's home, and then showed up at her house. After signing him an autograph, Schaeffer was fatally shot.