15 Embarrassing Photos That Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Go Away

Maybe Hillary Clinton's not-so-good reputation has been at least partly caused by 15 pictures that she wishes had never be taken. Why is that? Click through to find out the answer.


1. An Embarrassment For The Two

From this picture we can tell that Hillary and Donald have been friends for a long time. No hiding that.


2. Wandering Eyes.

It seems that Hillary Clinton's eyes couldn't help themselves. Hi, Mrs. Clinton! The Camera is here!


3. Poor Bill

Poor guy has to see this every morning.



Yes, it's true. It is the Clintons and the Trumps in the picture. Told you they had been friends for a long time.


5. A Smug Smile

If Hillary Clinton wasn't American, she'd be a Saudi princess.


6. A Real Smile Or A Fake Smile?

Hillary has clearly stated her support for the Israelis on numerous occasions, yet still she is seen photographed smiling with the father of Palestinian revolution.


7. Officially In The Republican Crosshairs

This picture will haunt Hillary forever with Republican voters.


8. V For Victory

Hillary can be a child sometimes, but most importantly, she is awfully friendly with a lot of different sorts.


9. Pictures With Monica Again And Again

I wonder how Hillary felt when she saw so many pictures of Bill Clinton posing with Monica?


10. Ok. Fine. Whatever.

Fine, you may say whatever you want, but still Hillary has the power that you can only dream of.


11. This Picture Would Haunt Your Wife, Mr. President

Bill Clinton is shaking hands with the strongman on Earth, Vladimir Putin.


12. Dynasty Love

When one political dynasty meets another political dynasty, what will it do? Pretend like they like each other, of course.


13. Is That Fear In Hillary's Eyes?

Could we see some fear in the eyes of the first woman who has a decent chance of becoming the most powerful man on Earth?


14. Fake Smiles All Around

When it comes to fake-smile diplomacy, no one is quite as adept as Hillary Clinton. Her fake smiles look entirely genuine!


15. She Was "Broke," But She Has A Mac

There's nothing like sporting a new Mac to convince the financially struggling masses that you're "just like them!"